Fate is fickle, and not always forgiving.

Touted as one of Los Angeles’ most sought after men, Anthony is a hot commodity. His recipe for success is his ability to control his surroundings. His motto is conquer and devour. Until his world is turned upside down by a spitfire of a woman with flaming red hair. A once confirmed bachelor, his tune changes once Emma walks into his life.

Emma is beautiful, educated, and damaged. Unavailable emotionally, she has succeeded in her job as an escort where liaisons only go as far as the length of time you purchase. In her line of work, relationships are risky. You don’t mix business with pleasure. That was always the rule—until Anthony.

Hell bent on unraveling the mysteries of Emma’s life, Anthony sets out to discover her the secrets that are deeply buried. But the ghosts of Emma’s past threaten to destroy the delicate bond they have created... Will their unlikely love withstand the odds?