Ranger Finn Marks has spent his life protecting his family, the bears of Grayslake, but when he meets Mackenzie Smith, he finds himself falling for the one woman who will test his loyalties. Does he protect the clan he loves or the woman destined to be his mate? 

Unaware of her half-blood birth, Mackenzie Smith suspected something was a little off the day her mother spirited her away from her home in North Dakota to Montana where she lived a relatively normal life until she entered the forestry service—a job that had been calling to her since she was a child.

Transferred to work under Ranger Finn Marks, she’s tasked to tag the growing wild animal population of Grayslake in preparation for hunting season. It’s a job that weighs heavy on her heart because she has to choose which bears will live and which will die. Ever since she can remember, her connection to bears makes them almost seem human. Mackenzie is torn between her love of her job and her growing love for the man who growls louder than any bear. A man who will stop at nothing to maintain the sanctuary that Grayslake has become. 

Only fate will decide if Finn kills her or protects her.