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Come home to Aspen Cove, the tiny mountain town where hope, love, and laughter live... 


Amy Thespult never planned to end up peddling pharmaceuticals for a living. When she got her science degree, she expected to find herself doing something important with her life. But a girl's got to eat, and in some cases, that means putting on a pair of heels and a short skirt to try to make a sale. She drives to Aspen Cove in desperate need of a break but finds herself stranded in a snowstorm instead. 


Kyle Morello has always been more comfortable out in nature than trying to make small talk. When he sees a beautiful woman, he freezes up and says the wrong thing. Lucky for him, as a wildlife conservationist, he doesn't have to worry about meeting too many women. The only problem is, it's a lonely life for a man who has so much to give. When he first lays eyes on Amy, he's sure she'll never give him a second look. 


But fate and Bea Bennett have other plans, and when Kyle and Amy end up staying at Bea's B and B, they discover just how magnetic it is when opposites attract. With only a few days reamaining, will they find the courage to admit they want a future together?


Find out in One Hundred Moments, a heartwarming Aspen Cove prequel novella...


Twenty-five-year-old Nikola Stone has three months to convince her famous parents not to disinherit her. Scrambling to prove she’s more than a pampered princess, Nikola finds herself living on a wind and solar farm in Texas, owned by super hot environmentalist, Colton Becket.

Without the safety net of her silver spoon life, Nikola discovers living off the grid may in fact hold the key to her inner happiness, and bring her the surprise she never would have expected—true love.

But when Colton’s dream is threatened, she does the unimaginable to try to save his farm. Her desperate actions mean losing her inheritance for good—and possibly losing the only person who has ever truly cared for her.

Will her plan backfire, or will Nikola find out that giving up everything means she can actually have it all?

Find out in Off the Grid.