A mourning heiress. A selfless sheriff. In the town her family betrayed, can they somehow find love?


Maya Blackwood drowns her loss in alcohol. After her husband’s untimely death, she retreats to her family’s namesake town only to find they’ve sold it to shady developers. She hardly expected to be taken by the town she never knew and the handsome sheriff who patrols its streets…


Kevin Hoisington has always put everyone else first. And even with the whole town of Blackwood in danger, he finds himself drawn to helping the enchanting, damaged heiress. Holding her hand through recovery, he’s surprised to find that Maya has become his only priority.


When a sinister conman threatens to undo their efforts to protect the town, Kevin might have to give up everything to save the woman he’s falling for.


Will Kevin, Maya, and Blackwood fracture, or can they save both the town and their hearts?


Imagine That… is the second standalone book in the Small Town ~ Big Love series of contemporary romance novels. If you like sassy heroines, self-assured heroes, and second chances for the heart, then you’ll love Kelly Collins’ sweet and sexy tale.


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