He’s not looking for commitment. She’s only helping her friend. But when the menu offers such sweet passion, who can say no to seconds?


Wealthy LA nightclub owner Damon Noble won't risk another painful relationship betrayal. Preferring to keep everything strictly business, he pays for enjoyable company with no strings attached. But when his latest escort proves absolutely unforgettable, he's ready to order another helping…


Katarina Cross has a big heart and even bigger tuition expenses to cover. So when a school friend asks her to stand in for an escort double-booking, she wants to say yes to the cash despite her misgivings. Once Katarina confirms she'd only be there as arm candy, she agrees to the gig and lays eyes on a client who's witty, street-smart, and gorgeous…


As their attraction grows and Damon offers to pay for another date, Katarina isn't sure she’s that kind of girl. But when they both discover they're reading the same steamy book, the student considers indulging her sweetest fantasies. Will Damon and Katarina move on to the next course, or will old wounds ruin a recipe for love?


Just Dessert is a delicious selection in The Decadent Series of moving contemporary romances. If you like heartwarming honesty, compelling characters, and romance with a slow burn, then you'll love Kelly Collins’ engaging treat of a novel.


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