The Meet Me Romance Collection

Have you ever considered a foursome?

How about four spicy stand-alone novellas that give you a full novel experience in a short story?


Meet Me Under the Full Moon

The soldiers at Walter Reed Hospital know that while war is both brutal and cruel, the biggest battle is often fought when they return home.


Mark Taylor thinks his dreams have ended after his return home from war. His life-altering injury resulted in his fiancé leaving him… and then a beautiful woman dances into his life and his heart.


Ava Sawyer knows the cost of war all too well. As a volunteer at Walter Reed, she sees the men and women rotate through the halls as the nation tries to heal its heroes. Using music and movement, she encourages the wounded vets to find a new rhythm in their lives. And she’s felt nothing more than friendship for these men… until Mark.


With Mark’s deep scars from the past, will Ava be able to get through to him? Will it be too much to handle, or can love conquer all?


Meet Me on the Dance Floor

Sophie has to move on, but how do you move on when your heart is paralyzed?


A man, martini’s and a magical night are all it takes to set her on a new path.


Love isn’t something she seeks; she’s been hiding for almost a year.


Sex was the last thing on her mind and yet she can’t forget it––forget him.


Attraction isn’t a choice, it just happens. Troy isn’t a choice; he’s a force of nature.


Will wealthy club owner Troy and broken hearted Sophie find more than chemistry on the dance floor?


Meet Me In the Middle

Everyone knows sinfully sexy Miles Stevenson’s face. He’s the most famous movie star in the world… and every woman’s dream. When he unexpectedly pulls perfect stranger and grade school teacher Rachel Parks in for a passion-filled kiss, he ends up doing more than fooling the press.


Rachel is used to the opposite sex throwing themselves at her. What she isn’t used to are handsome strangers pulling her aside and covering her mouth with burning hot lips. But she decides to play along with Miles’s little game.


Incompatibility screams at every turn, but passion paves the way. Sometimes the road to each other is far too long, but the path is shorter if you meet in the middle. Will Miles’s worldwide fame get in the way of Rachel’s under-the-radar life, or will they find what they didn’t know they were looking for… each other?


Meet Me In Secret

Lucas Byrne believes in love at first sight, and when he sees Joss, he knows she’s the one. He’s willing to do just about anything to get close to her, even if it means helping her attempt to get her cheating ex-boyfriend back. Giving her a place to stay, and skills to claim her man, he patiently hopes she will realize they are perfect for each other. But what if his risk doesn’t pay off?


Joss is certain of two things: that she is completely unattractive to the opposite sex and she is destined to be alone. But maybe being alone is a good option since all the men in her life have turned out to be liars. When she meets Lucas, and he promises to help her get her love back, he has her wondering if he will turn out to be a true friend or prove to be another in a string of unreliable, untrustworthy men.


Will Joss finally see what she’s looking for has been in front of her all along?