Welcome back to Aspen Cove where the honey is sweet but true love is sweeter...


Beekeeper Abbie Garrett lives a quiet life in the valley between Mt Meeker and Long’s Peak. While bee stings hurt, betrayal is far more painful. After her fiancé left her for her best friend, she came back home to Aspen Cove hoping to heal and find real love. No matter how hard she tries, love eludes her.  The only man whose paying any attention is her new neighbor, and Abbie can’t decide if she’d rather kiss him or kill him.


Cade Mosier came to Aspen Cove ready to make his mark in the world. He purchased hundreds of acres to raise cattle on, but his new neighbor Abbie Garrett wants him and his cows gone. No matter what he does to appease her, she insists his cattle are as dangerous to her bees as pesticides. His ex-wife left him years ago and took everything, and there’s no way he’s going to let another woman steal his future. The problem is, Abbie is as frustrating as she is fascinating.


Abbie is the new Hatfield. Cade is the new McCoy. Can they call a truce long enough to realize love is far better than war?