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Tell us your latest news.

I just published Sucked Into Love in September. It’s the first book in the Bachelorette Party series which is a spinoff from Blythe College. Also, Winter Wedding will publish next month. It’s a follow-up novella that will wrap up the Blythe College series.

When and why did you begin writing?

I have been an avid reader all my life and always wanted to write a romance novel. My mom wrote several historical romances when I was younger, and I remember looking at the big stack of typewritten pages with awe as a teenager. About four years ago, there was a lot of upheaval going on in my personal life and I read even more as an escape. I discovered many indie authors and did some research into self-publishing. I happened to mention it to my mom, who was having a difficult time staying positive while she went through the transplant process. That conversation changed the course of my life. She grabbed onto the idea of me fulfilling my dream of publishing like a lifeline, so we agreed that I would release my debut book within the next year and she would do everything she possibly could to stay positive and healthy. Several months later, she got the call that there was an organ for her and made it through her surgery and recovery with flying colors. I hit publish that December on Push the Envelope – after she beta read it for me.

What inspired you to write the Blythe College Series?

I had actually started Sucked Into Love first, but then my teenage son came home and told me about a Huffington Post article that sparked my imagination. It was about an Ohio charter company that offers Mile High Club charter flights. The story just wouldn’t leave my mind, and eventually I thought about some students back when I was in college whose parents flew in on private planes at the local airstrip when they came to town. The two ideas merged and before I knew what was happening, Push the Envelope was born.

How did you come up with the titles?

They’re all clichés that you hear in conversation sometimes. Pushing the envelope was derived from an aviation term so it made sense since Alexa flies planes. With Jackson’s fiery temper, Hit the Wall was an obvious choice to me. And Luka is a hockey player, so Outside the Box seemed to fit.

What books or authors have most influenced your writing life?

Oh, wow. This is a tough question. I’ve been reading romance novels since my pre-teen years and there are so many that I love. All those years of reading allowed me to know exactly what I want in a romance novel – an alpha male, a sassy heroine and a happily ever after ending. If I were to name one author that’s had the biggest impact on my writing life it would have to be Aurora Rose Reynolds. I read her debut book (Until November) a couple months before I hit publish the first time. When I reached out to her online, she was incredibly generous with her time and support. The night Push the Envelope published, I fell asleep on my couch while waiting and woke up to a text message from her telling me the book was live and she’d bought it already. Since then, we’ve become close friends.

What book are you reading now?

I'm a big Lynda Chance fan and I just finished her most recent release Rule's Property.

Are there any new authors that have grasped your interest?

So, so many new authors have captured my interest. CP Smith, River Savage and Zara Cox are a few that immediately come to mind.

What are you working on right now?

I’m working on Winter Wedding, featuring Drake & Alexa who will say “I do” this November.

Tell us something that not many people know.

I’m a hockey mom. Both of my sons have played ice hockey, and they even talked me onto the ice for a couple seasons of coed hockey.

Do you have anything specific that you want to say to your readers?

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for making my dream come true. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine that I’d be a full-time author.

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