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1. Without a doubt, bloggers have made it possible for Indie authors to cut a path into book writing success. What do you think makes a good blogger?

For me, it’s about treating all authors equally. I will help promote debut authors as well as authors whose names have graced best seller lists. In fact nothing pleases me more than discovering an unknown author whose book I loved reading and be able to shout about it to others.

My integrity as a reviewer is very important to me, I am always honest with my star rating and I will not give a book 5 star unless it has blown me away. I will not give 5* based on who the author is either. I would hate a reader to buy a book after reading a review I have written that wasn’t based on my true feelings towards the book.

2. When working with authors, what can they do to make your life easier?

If an author messages my blog or emails us asking us to promote their book I have one request, please include everything we need to share for you; include any teaser pics and please make sure the buy links work. Also, as a UK blogger I appreciate it if an author has included the UK buy links as I like to post these as well.

If an author wants me to review their book please give me time; I normally have around 5 arcs at any one time as well as Beta reads. I don’t like saying no to an author but please don’t expect me to be able to read and review your book within a few days of it’s release with no prior notice.

3. In this day and age of algorithms and FB changes, how hard is it to get a following?

I don’t think about the games that Facebook play with our ‘likes’ otherwise I would give up!

Our views can go from as low as 30 people seeing a post to over 1500. It is important for people to like or comment when they see our posts in order for us to stay visible. We tend to get more followers through giveaways where we ask for people to share and like us!

4. What is the biggest mistake an author makes in your valued opinion?

I read about authors feeling too shy or embarrassed to ask blogs to help promote or review their work. PLEASE don’t feel like that, email the blog we will help where we can. Self Publishing also includes self-promotion and even if your book is amazing, if no one knows about it, it will not sell. Let us help!

5. As an author I make it a point to be accessible to my fans. How would you recommend for readers to engage with their favorite authors?

I am a total Fan girl (as you know Kelly)! If I read a book and have really enjoyed it or it moved me I will usually send a private message to the author telling them how much I enjoyed their book. I always get a response and the author is always so appreciative that I took the time to tell them. I have developed many friendships through these messages, with a few authors becoming close friends.

Many authors now have a group page, not a street team, more a fun group where readers can go into the group and chat about the author’s books (or post pictures of sexy cover models!) The authors usually posts about their group page on their author page or at the back of their books.

Also if a reader wants to help promote their favorite author, ask about joining their street team.

Don’t be afraid to contact authors, they love hearing from readers and interacting with them.

6. How do you come up with creative ideas to promote a book?

A good way for an author to get word out about their book is to do a blog takeover. These are usually for 1-2 hours in an evening where the author chats with readers, plays some games and hosts some giveaways.

Teaser pictures with quotes from the book are always good to share before a book releases to grab readers’ interest. We also participate in countdown teaser pics i.e. 7 days to release, but I will only do this with a book I have read, given 5* to and am excited for others to read, otherwise I wouldn’t have room to post anything else on the blog page!

7. You are a respected blogger as well as a reviewer. What are the five top books you read this year?

This is so hard for me so I have chosen Standalones and Series, sorry!

So in no particular order:

Standalone books

Room 212 by Kate Stewart

Fate’s Mistake by Brandace Morrow

The Resistance by S.L. Scott

This much is true/The truth about air and water by Katherine Owen

Tempo by Kelly Collins


The Blythe College series by Rochelle Paige

The Stage Dive series by Kylie Scott

The Kane Trilogy by Stylo Fantome

The Gloves off series by LP Dover

Sexual Awakenings by Angelica Chase

8. If you got stranded on a deserted island and had one book, what would it be?

My childhood favourite and also a book I could still read over and over again today; Anne of Green Gables by L M Montgomery. It has it all, a great story, emotion, lots of laughs and romance. It also has the best quotes from any book I know.

9. What makes a book good for you?

I like to feel a connection to the characters; I need to believe in them and the situations they find themselves in. It needs to have a good plot that keeps me wanting to read on and that flows well. I also like to read a book that generates emotions in me, that makes me have feelings. A great book is one where I remember the plot a long time after finishing the book.

I do however have an intense dislike of the term “Ugly cry”. That doesn’t mean I don’t cry when reading, the written word can be a powerful weapon against my emotions!

10. I’ve struggled over the year to expose myself (no, not that way) How do you think an author should go about gaining the respect of a blogger? Reader?

That’s a hard question, I don’t think it’s about gaining respect from a blogger, more getting them to review your work and hopefully write a positive review then promote your future books.

I have a group of authors that I support faithfully and they are my go to authors where I won’t even read the blurb, I will just read what they write. Obviously I don’t just promote these authors; I am always looking for my next exciting new author to support. I think many blogs are similar to this and have certain authors they definitely would feature. So it’s more about exposing yourself to bloggers and letting your stories speak for themselves. There are so many blogs that are here to support the smaller Indie authors. (So if you are an author reading this, please email me if you would like my blogs help).

11. I know a lot of authors just approach bloggers and say do this for me. That seems kind of one sided? Bloggers obviously need authors and authors need bloggers. How do you deal with an unappreciative author?

I have personally never experienced this but I have read about the dramas that go on. If an author has asked us to post something and they know the date that we signed up to post it, I would appreciate the author finding our post and posting a thank you comment. I also love it if an author posts a link to a review I have written on their author page (obviously this isn’t always an option or the author would spend all day posting links) or uses a quote from my review in a book teaser. I spend on average 30 minutes to an hour on each review I write, I enjoy writing reviews and I always hope that the author has actually read what I have written!

Manners cost nothing, I think I spend half my time thanking the author for letting me review their work (it must be a British thing)!! If I did have an issue with the way an author was conducting themselves I would very nicely email that person and point out my problem or concern, I certainly wouldn’t do this over the pages of Facebook.

12. Tell us what kinds of books you blog about. Is there a genre that you find to be your favorite?

I am a true romantic at heart and love a Happy Ever After. I will read pretty much anything except Paranormal and Sci-Fi (Rochelle Paige did just pop my Paranormal cherry with Crying Wolf though). My favourite genres to read are Rock star books, Fighters (Remy is my ultimate BBF) or any book staring a strong brooding male ;). I love to get lost in a story and escape reality for a few hours!

13. Blogging can be a thankless job. What made you decide to start Luscious Literature?

Luscious literature was started in 2013 by my blogging partner, Linda. I used to follow and interact with the blog especially as it is UK based. At this time I was already quite heavily involved in the book world and I was writing reviews for a Canadian blog (Til the last page) as well as Beta reading and promoting or “pimping” my author friends where I could. I wanted to start my own blog but didn’t know where to start. I was chatting to Linda on Facebook more and more and recommending books to her and then she asked me to join Luscious Literature. Within 3 months we had doubled our followers and held a massive online Facebook party celebrating British authors. We had 25 British authors doing takeovers over a weekend.

I love what we do on the blog, Linda likes different genres to me so we have it all covered! We are big supporters of indie authors and are always looking for new authors to read and support.

14. Tell my readers where they can find you?

Please either message our Facebook page or for blog tours or review requests send us an email.

We love to hear from fellow readers, if you would like any recommendations or just want to chat about books in general or ask questions about a book we have reviewed, please message the blog. Just be warned I can talk for hours about my favourite books and authors!

We are currently looking for a reviewer to join our team, if you are interested please email us.



email – lusciousliterature@gmail.com

Thank you so much Kelly for asking me to feature in your newsletter, I feel truly honored to be a part of it and to call you my friend.

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