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Susan Ann Wall

​Tell me a little about your books.

I write racy, rule-breaking romance and women’s fiction. All my books lean to the woman’s fictiony side of romance (I made that word up, by the way. I like to do that). I do believe in happily ever afters (if not happy endings LOL) and love taking readers on an emotional journey to get there. Because of that, all of my books are very emotionally charged. Many readers have said they are laughing on one page, crying on the next, and that makes me feel like I’ve done my job well!

I currently have books in 2 series published, with 2 new series coming out next year.

My Fighting Back For Love series take you on the journey of recovering from cancer, whether as a survivor or as a caregiver. I have two books out, with a third planned for late 2016.

My Puget Sound ~ Alive With Love series are stories about new beginnings, enduring friendships, and unexpected love. The 5th book in this series, The Sound of Circumstance will be out December 3, with a couple more in the series planned for next year!

I’m thrilled to announce my Reluctant Brides series, humorous stories of independent women finding the man of their dreams. The first novella, Marrying For Love will be out in January as part of the Book Boyfriends Café billionaire anthology, with the 2nd novella, For the Love of Chocolate, out in February.

I’ll also be releasing the first novel in my romantic women’s fiction series, Sunset Valley, in March, so stay tuned for that excitement!! Whisper to a Scream is the story of a medically discharged, female soldier who through the healing power of music, friendship, and love is finally able to cope with combat injuries, PTSD, guilt, and prescription drug addiction as she recovers from an IED explosion she survived in Afghanistan.

What are you currently working on?

I am preparing for the release of the 5th book in my Puget Sound ~ Alive With Love contemporary romance series, The Sound of Circumstance. It’s the continuing story of Stacie and Owen – in this story, Stacie finally gets closure on her past, but it tests her ability to trust, not just Owen, but herself.

I’m also working on my January release for the next Book Boyfriends Café anthology, Marrying For Love. When Jill Butler returns to the town where she grew up, and left when tragedy struck 15 years ago, she isn’t expecting to find love, but the animals in the shelter her aunt left her aren’t the only ones given a second chance. The big problem she faces is the secret she’s kept all these years, and the fact that she’s going to hurt the man she wants to forgive when he learns of the secret.


And because I was once in the circus and am gifted at juggling, I’m also working on the 2nd story in that series, For the Love of Chocolate, which will be released in February. In this story, Maddie Carson gives up brownies to lose the weight she gains each time her twin brother is deployed, and finds love in the process.

I do sleep, believe it or not, but I’m grateful breathing is automatic and not something I don’t have to think about.

What book are you most proud of and why?

That’s a toughy, but if I could only choose one, I’d have to say Relay For Love. It’s an emotional journey of a widow who falls in love with a cancer survivor. Since I lost my Dad to cancer in 2007, it was very therapeutic to write – and cheaper than a co-pay. I wrote it to sell as a fundraiser for my Relay For Life team and it launched my writing career. My writing has changed quite a lot since writing the book, but the story is solid. I even made my editor cry, and that’s a feat, let me tell you. Relay For Love is part of the Book Boyfriend’s Café Summer Lovin’ Anthology, but it is also available as a single book.

Anything unusual about your writing process that reader’s might find interesting?

I’m not sure it’s unusual, but I write in layers. My first draft is fast, bare bones, mostly dialogue and inner monologue. Then I go back through and add the details, including setting, the five senses, etc. Finally, I go through an editing process where I read the book in my kindle app and make notes as I’m reading. I love doing that because it helps me identify plot holes and loose ends I might have forgotten to tie up. Then I ship it off to my editor so she can work her magic.

Which one of your books would make a great movie and who should play the lead character?

TOM HIDDLESTON!!! Wait, what was the question? LOL!

Ok, book for a movie … I think any one of my Puget Sound ~ Alive With Love books would make a great movie. I love the continuing relationships – friends, colleagues, and of course, the romance – in those stories. It’d make a great mini-series, actually! And yes, Tom Hiddleston could portray Owen Landry. He’d have to bulk up a bit like he did when he auditioned for Thor (did you know he auditioned for Thor before he was offered the role of Loki???), but given is aptitude for adopting the dialects of characters, he’d make a great Cajun. And I, of course, would be available for the role of Stacie Nightingale. We’d probably have to add more love scenes! Thank goodness I keep those deleted scenes around for a rainy day!

You have a wicked sense of humor. What makes you laugh?

I love that you used “wicked” in that question since I’m a New England gal through and through. I have a very dirty mind (in case you didn’t pick up on that with the happy ending comment earlier), so I tend to laugh at the same things that might make a 14 year old boy chuckle. I also lived in England for 7 years, and the Brits have a very dry sense of humor that I truly appreciate.

At RWA you brought a mascot, what the story behind that and can you share a picture?

OMG! This is so funny. It started at RWA14 in San Antonio. I sat down at a table for lunch, and directly across from me was Anna J. Stewart. She has a collection of Barbie dolls and had brought one with her, along with a Dr. Who doll. I photobombed a picture she was taking of the two dolls during lunch. To sum things up, Anna and I hit it off immediately (we didn’t know each other before this lunch). A few months before RWA15, she was giving away a Thor doll – she has a thing for the big guy - and I challenged her to bring Thor to NYC, and promised to bring Loki (because I have a THING for Tom Hiddleston) so the brothers could reunite. We all had dinner together and returned to Asgard to partake in libations.

What motivates you to write?

Sanity! Writing keeps me sane. I grew up having make believe conversations in my head and that didn’t stop when I became an adult. Channeling that energy into writing keeps me from acting on things that are not appropriate for a woman of my age and status (I’ll let you all interpret that as you wish).

I’m also on a mission to quit my day job, so that means I need to sell more books (hint hint), and that means I need to write more books. To date, I’ve published 6 contemporary romance/women’s fiction novels as Susan Ann Wall and 3 erotic novellas as Ann Victor. I have no less than 66 story ideas floating around in my crazy brain (according to my spreadsheet), so I’ve got my work cut out for me!!

You work full time. How do you find a balance between writing, work and family?

I don’t watch TV and I ignore my children. Ok, the first is true, the second not so much. I enjoy writing and it keeps me sane, so it is a priority in my life. I also work from home, so I have the advantage of not having a commute. That affords me more writing time in the mornings and evenings. I’m also not much of a housekeeper, so the dust monsters pile up as quickly as my word count!

Tell us something that very few people know about you.

I have a birthmark on my … no, just kidding. This is always a difficult question because I’m an open book. Ok, how about one of my darkest secrets but please don’t ever use this against me! I absolutely despise having my feet touched. Could be the dog’s tail wagging by, could be a deliberate tickle by my kids, doesn’t really matter. I hate it. Going for a pedicure is a process of courage and desperation, and I’ll only let someone I know and trust do it. I had a boyfriend once who completely incapacitated me simply by grabbing my big toe. I’ve never forgiven him for that. And at my most recent physical, I nearly kicked my doctor in the head when he ran the tuning fork up the center of my foot. Hero Husband is the only person on Earth I willingly let touch my feet, and he knows how much of a privilege that is.

How do we find you?


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