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You have over forty published works. Does that ever shock or amaze you? I’m shocked and amazed on a daily basis. It’s a little overwhelming to see how many books I’ve written—and to know how many more I’m looking forward to writing! Many authors say they have always written, even as a child. What was your first finished work and what was it about? I wrote a book of poetry and looking back everyone seemed to be wearing a hat, had a cat, or carried a bat. I was always a tomboy. I fell in love with writing in my twenties, but my first finished work was a love poem I wrote for my first love. No hats, no cats, but lots of clouds and cupids. Romance often gets a bad rap for not being a real literary piece of work. Often it’s referred to as fluff. What do you say to those people? I think there is a lot of fluff in any genre. We choose topics to cover, and while my books tend to lean on the complex side, there are readers who enjoy lighter reads. I think if readers don’t want to read fluffy books, they can read the book descriptions and shy away from those that don’t interest them. You work in a lot of collaborative projects, how does that differ from working on your own? My collaborative projects are more about helping other authors find their wings, which is very different from writing. I try to take everything I learn and share it with my peers. You began working on a Kindle World project this year with the Remington series. For those who don’t know, Kindle Worlds is fan fiction project where other writers piggy back off of your series. As an Air Force wife, I describe it as a fly by, you get a glimpse of Melissa Foster characters you love and meet the new characters that live in the minds of a different author. How did this come about, and how difficult was it to open your world to others? Emotionally it was a difficult decision to make, but I love helping authors, and this was a great way to help other authors gain exposure by introducing my fans to their work. You are one of the most positive people I’ve come in contact with. You always have a kind word, a bit of advice, or reassuring virtual embrace to give to your online community. Those are the rewards for your fans. What are your rewards as an author? Thank you! That’s so nice of you to say. I get great joy from helping others. There’s enough negativity in this world for three lifetimes. I believe if we all help each other, the world will be a happier place. For me, it’s not so much as a reward “as an author” but more as a person. Success isn’t enjoyable to me if I can’t pay it forward and help others. Knowing others are learning, growing and sharing gives me hope that they’ll take what they’ve learned and pay it forward, too. Besides writing amazing books, how do you sustain an audience? At last glance, you had a multitude of Facebook followers, an active street team, and a presence on just about every social media platform. Where do you get the time? We all have 24 hours in a day – I wish I had more, but there’s no secret that I don’t, unfortunately. When something’s important, we make the time, and for me—a total chataholic—connecting with readers is FUN FUN FUN. I’m a little addicted. I was stalking your website at www.melissafoster.com and came across your app. Not many authors have their own app. How did that come about? Everything I do is for my readers. The app came as a request from one of my fabulous Street Team members, and I dove right in. You have a new series call Wild Boys After Dark, it sounds naughty. Can you tell us about it? (I totally loved this series.)

OMG, I LOVE this series! The tagline says it all: Everything’s naughtier after dark… Long enough to burn up the sheets, short enough to keep you craving more.

My fans love the hotness of my books, and I had characters speaking to me that were dirtier, a little raunchier in language and roughness, and I wanted to explore them. As I did, I fell in love with the Wilds and the Bads, and in doing so, I met the Nice girls (a third family in the series). I knew my fans would adore them as much as I do. Everything I write revolves around love, so there's no shock-factor sex in my After Dark books, but they're more intense, faster paced, and they have more dirty talk than my other contemporary romances. I should make clear that they're not a BDSM series, but I can't promise that a character or two won't be into that:) There are no cliffhangers, and these are not serials. Like my other romances, each book is a complete story (although some are shorter than my other series). I truly love exploring this darker, passionate side of writing, and I look forward to continuing the series for a long time.

The Wild Boys After Dark are written with the same raw, emotional voice as my other books, but with darker language and steamier sex scenes (which says a lot since my normal sex scenes are super hot!). If raw emotions, cursing, dirty-talk, or intense, passionate sex that sometimes includes a silk tie, turn you off, then the After Dark books are not for you.

In closing, what is one thing not many people know about you? Everyone knows I’m addicted to chocolate, writing, and my family. What they might not know is that I wrote a lesbian romance called DISCOVERING DELILAH. Or do you want something more personal? Here you go…I cannot be trusted around ice cream cake. When we have leftover cake, I wait for the kids to go to bed, and then I finish it. All of it. Even if it’s half a sheet cake. Yup. Me and ice cream cake have a special relationship. Shh, don’t tell my kids ‘-) All things Melissa Foster can be found at www.melissafoster.com

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