• Kelly Collins

Can he be redeemed?

What was I thinking when Redeeming Ryker stuck in my head?

I had this idea that started out as a what if. What if you found out that your entire life was a lie? That everything you knew about yourself was false, and what if the universe somehow made you go back to the beginning so you could find yourself.

That's how my story of Ana started. There's a little irony to the this story, and that is several weeks ago, my life turned on a dime. I found out something about myself that mirrored Ana's tale. Through a DNA test everything I thought I knew about myself had changed.

My truth was no longer true. Not necessarily a lie but something different than I was told. My nationality was not my nationality, and the heritage I'd taught my children didn't belong to us.

Now my story is not Ana's, but the similarity is odd given that the book started a year before I found out my truth. So... what does this mean?

Nothing really, just that life can often mimic art or the other way around. Was there a theme to Redeeming Ryker? There's always a theme in my books and this one has many. Lies can hurt. Love conquers all. Hate is never an answer. People can change.

I hope you enjoy Redeeming Ryker. It's in my opinion one of my best books.

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