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100 Days of Summer

Memorial Day weekend starts the 100 days of summer if you live in the United States. For me that means flowers and local summer fruits like Rocky Ford Melons. With a short growing season here in Colorado, the 100 days is all I really get of gardens and fresh mowed grass.

Sitting at the base of the Rocky Mountains is a beautiful place to live, but it means that snow can roll in as late as July and pick up again as early as October. It means that spring comes with temperatures as cold as the early teens to heat as high as the nineties. Then we get to summer, which for the most part is perfect until August, when the heat is nearing 100 degrees.

Those of living in Arizona are laughing at me, but you get used to what you get used to. In general, summer means the Romance Writers of America Conference which over the last few years has been in San Antonio, New York, and San Diego. This year it's in Florida and I'm taking a pass. I love Florida in the late fall through early spring but the heat and humidity of summer is too much for this girl.

What I'll be doing this summer is writing a Christmas. I wonder if that's where Christmas in July comes from. I'll also be visiting my sister in Zurich and watching my nephew race in Silverstone.

What are your plans for the summer?

Continental Divide

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