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My Scout Journey

I thought you might like to know what's happening in my Kindle Scout Experience. On December 19th my book One Hundred Wishes was selected by Kindle Scout. It went through a quick editorial review where I was told lots of nice things about the book. Here are a few of the comments both positive and negative.

Developmental comments:

The story is well-plotted, but the ending struck me as feeling a bit too short and abrupt, particularly coming off the book’s well-crafted and intense climax. I’d really like to see you add a short epilogue chapter to the ending so that the reader can savor the “Happily Ever After” feeling for a few more pages.

I've written an extended ending so the "Happily Ever After" feeling goes on longer now. Yay!

Cover design comment:

The book’s cover is attractive and is reminiscent of many of Debbie Macomber’s cover designs, but since the content very much falls under the Romance genre, you might also consider that a cover design featuring models portraying Sage and Cannon in the Aspen Cove setting might work better for marketing purposes.

The book got a new sexy cover in scene showing Cannon and Sage. It is posted above.

I'm currently waiting on the full editorial review due back to me on the 18th. It's an exciting journey I'm happy to share.

Stay tuned for what's next. Pre-sale...release...book two...book three. So exciting.

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