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The Beginning or the End?

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River ~ The Dean’s List

“You asked him if he was going to kiss you?” Jade asked. “Of course he’d kiss you, he paid for you.”

“No, it was his freebie. He paid for dinner, not for the date.”

“Don’t be silly. Dinner at Per Se cost him a fortune. He paid for you. Did you kiss him?”

I considered her statement. She was right. Jonathon paid no less than five hundred dollars for dinner. “No, he kissed me.”

“What’s the difference?”

There was a big difference. “He took control.” I may have asked, but he moved forward. He wrapped his hand around the back of my neck. His body pressed against mine. When our lips touched, our tongues tangled, and my body melted against his, there was no doubt, Jonathon Ferris had kissed me stupid.

“So he’s an alpha. How was the kiss?”

How was I supposed to describe the best kiss of my life? The first kiss was free, but if he wanted to see me again, it would come with a price. The future was out of my control. I was simply a commodity placed on the open market.

“I liked it.” Even I could hear the smile in my voice and since Jade was my best friend she’d certainly hear the giddiness that floated on the surface of my voice.

“You more than liked it.” She remained silent for a second. River could hear the beep of a microwave in the background.


Jade laughed. “No, I’m making popcorn and grabbing the wine so you can tell me more about your date.”

“If I could kiss Jonathon Ferris for the rest of my life, I’d be happy.” It was a ridiculous thought. “Did you ever have a Jonathon?”

“Who says I don't have one now? Maybe I have two.”

Jade was holding back. She had a secret. A secret I’d wheedle out of her eventually.

“What if that's the best kiss I’ll ever have and it wasn’t even real?”

“You’re not doing this to fall in love, your doing this to get an education and get out of debt.”

I touched my kiss-swollen lips and sighed. “You’re right.” Deep inside I knew I’d be getting educated, but it would have nothing to do with my degree in finance. Desperate times required desperate measures. Everything I knew about myself would become a lie. Everything I did would become my new truth. Life as I knew it would change. Was this the beginning or the end of me?

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