• Kelly Collins

Judge a book by its cover.

Have you ever wondered why authors change book covers? Honestly it can be for a bunch of reasons from poor sales to being out of date with current trends.

I'm in the process of recovering two series. The Second Chance Series is getting a new look. This series has had a slew of covers as I tried to find where the market meets the reader. While I've done my due diligence to poll readers, it still puts me in a quandary.

While the poll showed readers wanted clothed couples, the sales of books don't indicate that trend or desire with most romance bestselling books being men, often sans shirts. So it's confusing. For The Second Chance Series, I've coupled the trend with the poll and I'm going with sexy men in T-shirts. These men fit the heroes of the book. I'm hoping that readers will love the new look.

The second series I'm recovering is Making the Grade. While I love the covers, they do shout older book and therefore have to be brought to current trends. For this series, I'm using couples—also clothed. I can't wait to see the knew look.

Why all the clothes? Did you know it was getting harder to advertise on both Amazon and Facebook with scantily clad models. Sadly, even men nipples are being turned down for ads.

So look for updates about my new covers. I can't wait to share them with you.

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