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Aspen Cove Collections are here!

The lockdown took away a lot of distractions, so I accomplished a great deal while we were sequestered. Here's the scoop.

Aspen Cove books are now available in collections in digital and print. However, since I do not own the digital rights to book one because I won an awesome publishing contract with Amazon Press, I had to start with book two. I know ... awkward, but I do what I can. So ... here's the breakdown.

Collection 1 = books 2-3

Collection 2 = books 4-6

Collection 3 = books 7-9

Collection 4 = books 10-12

Collection 5 = books 13-15

I will continue from there. More exciting is that you can also get them in print. There are many readers who want a book in their hands, and it's my goal to give you what you want.

The bigger news is that all single Aspen Cove books will be available in hardcover soon. These make excellent gifts. I know my mom will want a set for sure.

Check them out here.

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