• Kelly Collins

Crazy Cruise

In March I took a much needed break and went on the 80s cruise. I'd attended one the year before and enjoyed it well enough, but this year I had a blast. I learned a lot about myself and my environment. First, people do stuff I could never dream to write. The crazy that happens with 2000 people on an all you can drink plan is unimaginable, but it is so much fun. I met notables, such as Lou Gramm and his oh so sexy guitarist Michael Staertow, Rick Springfield who is super funny and hot at 68. I fell in love with Terri Nunn's music again with Pleasure Victim being at the top of my list. (Hey, I write the sweet heat.) Billy Ocean still has the pipes and I have no idea his age, but he rocked a hairstyle reminiscent of a Nordic ship. Thomas Dolby belted out Weird Science and Tommy Tutone sang his one and only 8675309. Though at times I felt remembering seven numbers stretched his mind. Then again, he had just spent the day Jamaica-Yeah mon. I lost my ship card at Atlantis and had to run the immigration gauntlet while one of my fellow passengers sang, She's an illegal alien. Maybe spending all day at Margaritaville wasn't a good decision for him. I made new friends, saw old friends, visited the library when things got too much for me. (Yes, I know it's crazy, but I'm a loner and the chaos can get overwhelming.) If I were twenty years younger and my husband would let me, I might have been a groupie. :-) If you're wonder where I'll be next March, I'm going back to the 80s.

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