• Kelly Collins

Do you love yourself enough?

My life, since having coronavirus, has been a whirlwind. It took me some time to readjust to my new normal. Having a near-death experience does something to a person. For me, it made me reevaluate everything, from what I spent my time on to how I loved myself. Sadly, we tend to love others more than we love ourselves. What I figured out over the last few months was that loving myself wasn't selfish but helped me become more selfless. When you're in a good space, you have more to offer. It also reminded me that life is short and bucket list items need to be marked off. One of my little secrets ... not so secret now ... is that I love tattoos. I have several small ones but always wanted to have one large one that covered a scar on my stomach. I've been thinking about it for 27+ years and didn't do it for one reason or another. Probably because the money it takes could go to something or someone else, but I finally did it. You may ask why Wildflower? It's because that's how my kids describe me. I'm resilient, and I can grow anywhere I'm planted. I can be soft and pretty, but also strong and intrepid. The best thing about it is the tattoo covers a seven-inch scar that's bothered me for almost three decades. So ... love yourself. That means something different for everyone. It could be a spa day, setting time aside to read a book, spending your day with someone who makes you feel like a better you, or ... getting a tattoo. Loving myself looks different each day because every morning I wake up, I have different needs and desires. How will you love yourself today?

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