• Kelly Collins

Happy 4th of July

Updated: Sep 12, 2019

I'm heading to my mother's home for the 4th. She's in her 80's and can still cook like a michelin star chef. Ribs, and all the fixin's today. I was thinking about Aspen Cove and the kind of celebration they might have. I envision fun in the park with the ice cream truck who would serve some funny sounding ice cream. Katie would have tiny flags on all her muffins and the hotties would be grilling. The fire department would let the kids climb all over the truck, and Lydia and Sage would run a first aid booth. Doc and Agatha would be in the pavillion listening to Samantha give an impromptu concert. Charlie and Eden would have a few animals there to love on. Lloyd Dawson would offer pony rides and his daughter Poppy would capture everything in her photos. Dalton would bring free pizza, Marina would sit under the big tree with Kellyn and Logan, the same tree where she fell in love with Sheriff Cooper. He'd let the kids turn on the lights and siren on the cruiser. There's nothing like a small town celebration.

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