• Kelly Collins

What's the recipe for love?

Is it forever fudge cake? Passion Pillow Cookies? Turn my world upside down cake?

He needs to balance the books. She needs to stabilize her life. Can two opposites be the perfect mix for true love?

The last thing on widowed waitress Kinsley Culpepper’s mind was romance when she found the Recipe for Love cookbook. What she needed was a way to feed her growing son. Working at Luxe Resorts was nice, but the tips weren't great, and they barely paid the bills. Accused of stealing, she ends up on the radar of Julian Dowling, the sexy Chief Financial Officer who’s convinced she’s the reason food costs are up. Afraid to lose her job, she uses a recipe to sweeten his disposition, but will she have the ingredients to convince him she’s not his thief?

Julian Downing isn’t interested in people. As Luxe Resorts Chief Financial Officer, all he cares about is the bottom line. With food costs out of control and his “always a profit” reputation on the line, he turns to the most likely culprit, a down on her luck waitress with a pretty smile and sticky fingers. When dessert shows up on his desk, he has to ask himself, is Kinsley bringing in homemade treats because she’s nice, or is she sugarcoating her deceit?

Will distrust scorch what they’ve whipped up together, or can they turn their distaste for each other into something sweet?

Find out in A Cup of Compassion…

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