Small Town Big Love Series


What If

Imagine That

No Regrets

Aspen Cove Series


One Hundred Moments (free prequel)

One Hundred Reasons

One Hundred Heartbeats

One Hundred Wishes

One Hundred Promises

One Hundred Excuses

One Hundred Christmas Kisses

One Hundred Lifetimes

One Hundred Ways

One Hundred Goodbyes

One Hundred Secrets

One Hundred Regrets

Second Chance Series


Set Free

Set Aside

Set in Stone

Set Up

Set On You

Wilde Love Series


Betting On Him

Betting On Her

Betting On Us

Boys of Fury Series


Redeeming Ryker

Saving Silas

Delivering Decker

Making the Grade


The Dean's List

The Graduate (free)

Honor Roll

The Learning Curve

The Decadent Series

Just Dessert

Brownie Points


Beloved Duet


Still the One

Always the One