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She's an ex-con. He’s branded by failure. Will this rancher gallop away with her heart?


Prison time cost Holly McGrath her dream career. After returning home to discover her fiancé cheating on her, she questions if it’s possible to rebuild her life. But while volunteering at her late mother’s hospice, Holly attracts the attention of a handsome cowboy…


Keagan McKinley knows the sting of defeat. Determined to keep a horse breeding operation in the black, he’s sworn off any and all distractions. Unfortunately, the gorgeous tenant at the ranch is everything he needs but nothing he wants…


Can Holly and Keagan lean on love, or will a gut-wrenching betrayal sentence them to lifelong heartache?


Set Aside is a contemporary romance brimming with hope. If you like deep connections, real-life challenges, and touching humor, then you'll love Kelly Collins’ emotional story.


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