Living with the "Scarpetti" name has been a blessing and a curse for Vincent. Determined to turn the positive of his mob-connected last name into something more—something with honor and prestige, Vincent tries to mold Tempo, the newest and most anticipated resort in Vegas, into a place of high eloquence and reputation. But the new sexy interior designer, Karlie McKenna might be more of a distraction than he realized.

Looking for a new beginning, Karlie McKenna jumps at the opportunity for a job offer in Las Vegas to get lost in the anonymity and hustle of the big city. But Vegas might not provide the cloak from her past that she desires. Not to mention her new boss, or should she say sex-on-a-stick boss, is nothing short of distracting.

With their undeniable attraction and need for one another, the lines between the conference room and bedroom blur as Karlie and Vincent explore the sinfully sexy part of the city. Will the tempo of their desire ruin what they’ve both worked so hard to change?