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Welcome back to Aspen Cove, where love lives and lessons abound for those willing to learn …

Schoolteacher Mercy Meyer had dreams of the good life until her cheating husband stole them away. When the scandal broke, she moved to Aspen Cove to lick her wounds and start over. Falling in love, getting married, and having a child are at the top of her bucket list, but she can’t focus on love when she’s buried in debt. Not that it matters because the only eligible bachelor isn't exactly family-man material. Rock star, Alex Cruz is everything she doesn’t want … or is he? 

Alex Cruz is tired of the rock star lifestyle. He hoped moving to Aspen Cove would give him a much-needed break from groupies showing up at his home at all hours, but somehow, they still found him. He never knows who’s lurking around the corner. A blonde stuffing underwear into his fence? A brunette in his bed? He never expects a little girl on his doorstep, who has the smile of an angel and his eyes. Suddenly finding himself as a full-time father, he realizes he is in way over his head. When the only available help is Mercy Meyer, he learns the most valuable lessons of his life: never judge a book by its cover, actions speak louder than words, and there’s a big difference between a father and a dad. 

Can Mercy get over her hurt to let Alex inside her heart? Will Alex bury his rock star life for domestic bliss? 

Find out in One Hundred Lessons …

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