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Welcome back to Aspen Cove, where seeing is believing …

Artist Sosie Grant has always loved what Aspen Cove had to offer. It was a place to let her muse run wild. But when a bout with Lyme disease leaves her unable to paint, she comes back to Aspen Cove to say goodbye to the only life she’s ever known. Abandoned by her agent in the small town, she is forced to rely on the kindness of strangers; specifically, Baxter Black the reluctant resident asked to take her in.

Construction worker Baxter Black isn’t good at caring for people. Nurturing role models were absent in his life since his own mother abandoned him and his twin at birth. With the town’s recent growth, business is booming, and taking care of Sosie Grant is the last thing he needs. But when he sees her struggling to get her life on track, he finds himself drawn to the beautiful woman with an artist’s eye and a heart of gold.

Is Baxter what Sosie needs, or will he be another disappointment along the way? Can Sosie nurture Baxter’s abandoned heart and prove that love is possible?

Find out in One Hundred Glances …

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