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Kelly Collins welcomes you to Cross Creek where hate is a four-letter word but so is love. One has the power to destroy, the other to heal. 


Kandra brought me to my knees when she fled Cross Creek to follow dreams that didn’t include me. I picked up the pieces of my broken world and built a new life—one free of heartache. I thought she was in the past and would stay there, but I thought wrong. Kandra is back, and if I’m not careful, she’ll gut me again. As much as she stole my heart, she left behind the longing. What happens if I let her in again and she …


I escaped small-town life, searching for more, and thought I found it. I lived the life I dreamed of, big city, great job, doting boyfriend. It’s funny how quickly dreams turned into nightmares. My ex-boyfriend fooled me into believing I could have everything, but he left me with nothing. I never imagined I’d wind up back in Cross Creek, scared, alone, and pregnant. Seeing Noah makes me wonder how I could have ever left him. He’s everything I didn’t know I needed. I love my child, and I love Noah. Is it too late to have it all?


Find out in Broken Hart, the first book in the long-awaited Cross Creek Series. 

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