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Kelly Collins welcomes you back to Aspen Cove, where love has the power to heal all wounds, even broken hearts.


When veterinary technician Beth Buchanan sees that plus sign in the test window, she knows she can no longer lie to herself. She doesn’t have the flu; she’s pregnant from a one-night stand, and it’s all her meddling mother’s fault. Her life is about to change, but how does she tell a man who was only interested in a fling he’ll be connected to her forever?

Indigo guitarist Gray Stratton gave up on love when he was manipulated into marrying a pregnant groupie, only to find out she wasn’t carrying his baby or any baby for that matter. The only thing she was interested in delivering was money into her bank account, and he’s been paying for that mistake ever since. After learning that hard lesson, he’s made three rules to live by: never trust a groupie, never sleep with a woman more than once, and never, ever fall in love.

But that was before Beth Buchanan. She’s the one woman he might bend his rules for if she doesn’t break his trust.

He’s holding on to his past. She’s trying to figure out her future. Can they meet in the middle and make a life together?

Find out in One Hundred Nights …

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