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Welcome back to Aspen Cove, where home and family take on a whole new meaning…

Aspen Cove has offered Natalie Keane the peace and quiet she lacked growing up in foster care.  While fear of getting too close to anyone has led her to settle on the outskirts of town, she’s found a happy routine, until life throws her a massive curveball in the form of the little brother she never knew existed.  Thrust into parenthood, Natalie faces the enormous task of handling a rebellious twelve-year-old. When the little troublemaker steals from a local business owner, Natalie must not only tackle her first true test in parenting but also face her growing feelings for the handsome store owner … who she may have threatened to poison.

Jake Powers has a second chance at life. Literally. After receiving a kidney transplant a decade ago, he’s dedicated his time as a life coach to helping others achieve their goals.  When a pink envelope arrives bearing a heartfelt letter from the mother of his donor, Jake is drawn to Aspen Cove by the need to give back to the family that gave him so much.  The town’s need for a bookstore is the perfect opportunity, and once it’s up and running, he can move on to his ultimate dream—working at a high-profile retreat center where he can make a name for himself.  But when he sees Natalie struggling to get her brother on the right track, he finds himself drawn to the beautiful woman with stone walls built around her heart.

When they finally find love in the most unexpected of places, will the wounds of their pasts prevent them from taking the futures right in front of them? 

Find out in One Hundred Decisions…

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