She watched him walk away. Now he’s back. Will he stay to fulfill her dreams?

Physical therapist and karaoke queen would love to be in a relationship, but in the small town of Beloved, Colorado, it seems . if there were single men to choose from, the only one Aidy wants is the one who left years ago. When comes back to town, Aidy’s heart comes to life again. But how long will he stay?

had a tough life. He lost his parents when he was thirteen, but with the love of his devoted aunt and a talent for football he thrived. As a fullback for the New Jersey Knights, he has just about everything he could want until a car accident injures his daughter Maddie. Now he finds himself back in Beloved seeking the help of Aunt Sharon’s physical therapist who to his surprise, turns out to be , his high school tutor. Without her help he would have never graduated. Can she be the answer to his prayers again?

Football is all Jace knows. Beloved is where Aidy belongs. Will he give it all up for a second chance at love?

Find out in Always