Defend Me.png

She’s an extrovert. He’s an introvert. Can polar opposites find happiness together?

As a teenager, Rose Rogers couldn’t wait to get out of the small town of Frazier Falls. She took the first chance she got and left for New York, where she made a name for herself at Flair Magazine. Until now, she’s never looked back. But when her heart is crushed by the man she thought she’d grow old with, she heads home to lick her wounds. The last thing she expects is to find Paxton Cooper—the boy she teased relentlessly—all grown up and gorgeous.

After surviving the bullies of high school, quiet and intelligent Paxton Cooper has made a good life for himself as a partner in Cooper Construction. He’s his own man and confident that he’s left the past where it belongs. When Rose Rogers shows up in town, it all comes flooding back—the hate, the hurt, the attraction.

Will Rose be able to mend the fences she tore down in her youth? Will Paxton send her back to New York empty-hearted?

Find out in Defend Me.