He’s rich. 
He’s handsome. 
He’s lost. 

To anyone on the outside, Decker Riley has it all. But all the money in the world can’t fill the emptiness that threatens to consume him. His life is a lie that has hollowed the deepest recesses of his heart. Trapped in his father’s world, Decker hasn’t been able to forge a path of his own—that is, until he meets Hannah, the little spitfire of a waitress so far off his radar that he has to get lost to find her. 

Hannah Banning has been living under a black cloud for so long that she’s forgotten what it feels like to have hope. She gave up her dreams so her sister can have the future she deserves, in spite of their mother’s crippling drug addiction, and doesn’t dare think about what she’s missing—a fulfilling career, true love, a comfortable life. That is, until a wounded stranger shows up at the diner where she works and changes everything. 

Can Hannah fill the void of Decker’s empty life? Will Decker mend Hannah’s shattered soul and give her the future of her dreams? Or will the ghosts of their pasts drive them apart?