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Kelly Collins welcomes you back to Aspen Cove where acceptance is found in the eyes of a stranger, and love is found in his heart...


Horse trainer Trinity Mosier never looks for trouble, but it finds her at every turn. After losing her job, she packs up and moves to Aspen Cove, hoping her brother will take her in. However, when she arrives, he makes it clear that one wrong move will have her out on her ear. Things are starting to look up when a bully from her past comes back to taunt her. Just as she readies for battle, Wyatt Morrison steps in and redirects her fury, but can he keep her storm on its new trajectory, or will she leave destruction in her wake once more?


Wyatt Morrison came to Aspen Cove looking for an opportunity. But instead of becoming the foreman of The Big D Ranch, he finds out he’s been hired to be a glorified assistant to a man who doesn’t know his chaps from his Chapstick. To make things worse, he’s been banned from living on the property because the owner’s young daughter has taken a shine to him. He needs to find a new job, and fast. Unfortunately for him, when his dream job arrives, it comes at the cost of losing the woman he loves.


What will Wyatt choose—his love or his dream?


Find out in One Hundred Choices