Set Free.png

She’s ditching her criminal past. He’s running from his failed marriage. Can a ramshackle ranch inspire a second-chance romance?


Mickey Mercer is determined to leave her past mistakes behind bars. Fixing up the rundown family ranch could be the perfect way to get back on the straight and narrow and make her late father proud. But when her vindictive ex sabotages her every move, she reluctantly accepts a stubborn cop’s offer of protection and finds herself falling head over spurs into his strong arms.


Detective Kerrick McKinley may take his vow to serve and protect a little too seriously. While his passion for the law put an end to his marriage, it also compels him to guard a newly freed ex-con from her dangerous stalker. But the more time he spends with the sexy and spontaneous horse rancher, the more he’s itching to get back in the saddle…


In the face of old fears and new dangers, can Mickey and Kerrick find the courage to risk it all for a chance at true love?