Set In Stone.png

When the fear rises up, don’t fight it. Ride it.

In the eyes of the law, Megan Connelly killed her abusive boyfriend. After serving time for vehicular manslaughter, she walks out of prison with a clean slate. She can finally be the two things she’s never been—free and loved. Too bad men fill her with fear. 

It doesn’t help that her new boss, horse trainer Killian McKinley, is all rough edges and toe-curling growl. His magnetic personality pulls her in, even as hard experience screams at her to run.

Killian McKinley loves a challenge. He can read Megan like a large-print book. The tremble. The flinch. The striking out in a blind panic. She’s just like the horses he rescues. 

What she needs is strong man with a gentle touch. The challenge will be controlling his lust long enough to earn her trust, but can he convince her that he never wants to break her spirit? 

When it comes to love, can Killian convince Megan to set aside her fear long enough to open her heart?