Set on You.png

One tough man. One hardened woman. Let the games begin…


Martial arts expert Robyn Armour protected herself from an attacker a little too well, and spent five years in prison looking after her fellow Cell Block C inmates. Now that she’s finally free, she’s a little jealous of the happiness the other girls have found, but her dreams don’t include making Second Chance Ranch her home.


All she wants right now is a decent cup of coffee and a man. And Keanan McKinley—a walking paradox whose body is the eighth wonder of the world—is sex dipped in hot fudge and rolled in sprinkles.


Yet there’s something different about his kisses—his touch. His wounded heart beats in time with hers, making her want to be the right woman—a forever kind of woman. But his ranch is in Wyoming, and her parole ties her to Colorado.


When a past mistake tries to take back her hard-won control, will it ruin all their lives and tear her away from the home she’s found in Keanan’s arms?