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They’re oil and water. Ice and fire. Yet they can’t get enough of each other?

After serving three years in prison, Natalie is ready to shine like the Diamond her daddy taught her to be. Except her mother refuses to release a single penny of her trust fund until Natalie learns new skill: changing someone else’s life for the better.


That’s what she plans to do after she’s gotten some down-and-dirty cowboy action. If only everyone would quit trying to hook her up with the nicest guy on Second Chance Ranch.


No way, no how is Roland Mallory hooking up with Natalie. He’s country music, she’s country club. He’s barn boots, she’s sky-high stilettos. He wants long term, she’s got one Jimmy Choo out the door. Yet, one taste of her dirty little mouth, and his heart takes off like a prairie fire.


It’s anyone’s bet who’ll strangle whom first. Yet somehow, the battered pieces of their hearts begin to meld together. But just as Natalie feels her world shifting and changing for the better, will one too many stumbles ruin everything?