She offered him everything. He left and took nothing. Now he’s back and wants it all…

Florist Lara Williams gave up on love the day her soulmate rode off on his motorcycle into the sunset. Since then, she’s been living vicariously through her clients. As the owner of Stems, the leading florist for theme weddings in Beloved, Colorado, she’s responsible for making other’s dreams come true. Lara ’s resigned to live a life without love, but when Grayson rolls back into town, their relationship is full of thorns. Can an abandoned garden be brought back to life or is it destined to be fallow forever? 

Tattoo artist Grayson Greer has everything he could possibly want. He always has. As the owner of the hottest tattoo parlor in Southern California, he’s living the dream. There is no end to the string of beautiful women lining up for a chance to be with him, but his heart belongs to another. When he’s summoned back to Beloved by his mother, he comes face to face with Lara, the one he left behind over a decade ago. He never meant to be gone forever, and now that he’s back, he’s determined to remind her what they once shared.

Will Grayson bring life back to a heart that wilted years ago? Or will Lara’s pain from the last time he left be as permanent as tattoo ink?